Features and Benefits

How your institution or company can
profit from a Kryptera installation

General Features Benefits
Kryptera fully protects and secures private files, even after an attacker, or an employee, gains access to them. Kryptera gives you a last line of defense when other solutions fail.
Kryptera does not rely on obsolete encryption techniques that have been in use since the 1960s. Kryptera's breakthrough approach will future-proof your valuable files.
Kryptera is easy to use, and can rapidly mass encrypt and decrypt files and directories. Kryptera takes away excuses used to avoid encrypting files.

Encryption Features Benefits
Kryptera cyphertext relies on extremely high-quality random private keys that are securely stored on the Kryptera server. The complexity of breaking Kryptera private keys is overwhelming for any computer.
Kryptera uniquely and randomly encrypts each plaintext object. Our approach is extremely secure.
Kryptera Enterprise can be scaled to 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit, 40-bit, 48-bit, and 56-bit modulus. Our approach can be customized for specific clients.
A Wide Area Network of Kryptera servers can be prepared to decrypt cyphertext created on any of the servers in the WAN. It is possible to transfer Kryptera cyphertext to secure nodes across the Internet without risk.

Management Features Benefits
Kryptera mass encrypts without passwords or with reliance on external private key management. Kryptera takes away excuses used to avoid encrypting files.
Kryptera is impervious to cryptanalysis. If protocols are followed, your files are safe from loss.
Kryptera can rapidly encrypt any number of files at a time. Kryptera can save you time and money.