Don't be a victim!

A recent IBM/Ponemon survey found that today, over 50% of damaging cyberattacks come from insiders.

Are you protected?

Kryptera technology solves a major cybersecurity problem for the modern organization where "protection" often means relying on risky key management systems to encrypt and decrypt files.

Kryptera's two product lines - Kryptera Enterprise and Kryptera Mirage - both provide the same core functionality of high-speed mass file encryption and decryption without need of external key management. Enterprise is highly customizable. Mirage is far faster.

The Kryptera Enterprise series is highly versatile. We designed it to be highly customizable for specific clients who want exclusive rights to encryption. We will provide powerful turnkey servers to our clients, but the underlying technology can be made to work on low to high end servers, computers and appliances.

Our Kryptera Mirage server series was designed for extremely high speed file processing that cannot be customized to any great degree for our clients. Mirage will be provided on powerful liquid cooled servers that have large pools of high speed storage media. The underlying techniques used to encrypt and decrypt files can also be used for real-time encryption/decryption of secure node data streams.

Kryptera Enterprise and Kryptera's Mirage are now available for testing and evaluation. Please contact Alastair Sweeny for further information.

Executive Summary: Testing Mirage for Speed and Efficiency

During the month of August 2018, Mirage speed and efficiency was tested and validated with the help of CENGN – Canada's Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks.

Kryptera Mirage validated its blazing speed and efficiency in operating with directories and very large files. Further details at CENGN.

The results were as follows:

A Comparison With AES

We also tested the processing speed of standard AES encryption using OpenSSL on the server. It reached a maximum speed of 419 million bytes/second when encrypting a single 5 GB file.

For fuller information, please consult High Speed Mass Encryption/Decryption Testing Using Kryptera Mirage & Enterprise

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